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Interview with Twilight Cast and Crew

DAILIES TRANSCRIPT "Twilight Interview" INTERVIEWED: Taylor Lautner, Catherine Hardwicke, Stephenie Meyer, Robert Pattinson ORIGINAL AIR DATE: July 28, 2008 See where to watch ReelzChannel TV Mike Richards: Welcome to Dailies. I'm Mike Richards. Now as part of our Fan*tastic Summer we've taken Dailies on location, out of the soundstage to bring you the latest in all the big summer movies. And the big summer action was right here in Comi-Con, We're in San Diego, the big comic book and movie convention. A lot happened over the weekend, we've got it all covered for you. Let's start with the stars of Twilight who talked to me about meeting the very excited fans of this book, soon-to-be movie. Mike Richards: This is your first, sort of, interaction with the fans of Twilight and they're rabid fans. Taylor Lautner: It was good, you know, the fans they're, uh, they're crazy but they're passionate. I understand their passion for the book because I'm just as passionate for it. Mike Richards: Was there nerves bringing your books, your movie to Comic-Con? Catherine Hardwicke: Well I didn't wear white in case tomatoes were hurled at me but Stephanie was brave... Stephenie Meyer: I wasn't afraid. Mike Richards: We've talked to the cast a little bit about being on the set, that it didn't feel like this big, huge movie but now that it's here you're, I'm watching them begin to get overwhelmed. Did you guys give them any advice? Stephenie Meyer: I did lean over to Rob today with the screaming and said, "I apologize for what I've done to your life." (laughs) Robert Pattinson: It's a terrifying sound, like, hearing 6,000 people screaming. It sounds like the devil is coming down or something.

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